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When you forgot Windows Vista password, you should not fear as there are ways to assist you in resetting it. First, you can ask your administrator to reset it for you. However, if you are the administrator and you cannot remember the administrator’s secret code, then it could be a bit difficult to recover it. But before you think of reinstalling Longhorn operating system, you can try to unlock the Microsoft operating system on your system using the following methods:

  • Reset it through safe mode. In safe mode, a hidden “administrator” account is available for you to use it when you cannot remember the code to open your account. By default, the code for this account is empty. So, try booting up in Safe Mode and use the built-in admin account to reset the code. This option is one of the easiest ways to reset any Longhorn account.
  • Reset it using a disk. When you type a wrong code, Longhorn operating system shows a link that can help you reset it. Click this option. But before you do so, you must make sure that the reset disk has already been inserted or plugged into your computer. Then, hit the “next” button, click the right code reset disk and type a new secret code. You must also indicate a hint to help you easily remember the code you use for a particular account. After doing this, you can already log in to your computer using the new code you have chosen.
  • Reset it using sticky keys. This method is also valuable when you forgot Windows Vista password. With this method, you need to start your computer from a set up DVD so you can launch the Recovery Environment of this operating system. From there, you can reset the code for a particular account.

Use Third-Party Program

This third-party program can reset the code if you forgot Windows Vista password. It comes with an easy-to-understand interface and with better instructions. The overall cost of purchasing it is worth every penny considering the process it involves in resetting the code on your computer. It does not only reset Longhorn secret code but it can also help you reset codes for 7, XP, NT and 2000. Get this tool at: Forgot Windows Vista Password Tool

Before, it would be difficult to reset the secret code used to log into the operating system of Microsoft. Thankfully, the above mentioned tricks work each time you forgot Windows Vista password.

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