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In case you forgot Windows XP password, you can access the administrator’s account of your computer running Microsoft’s Experience by using the default blank administrator secret code. When you install this OS in your computer system, it automatically creates an administrator account. This account does not have a code. Thus, it would be easier for you to log-in to your computer through the said unprotected account. Once you have accessed it, you can reset or change any code you have assigned on your computer.

How To Reset Secret Codes Using Default Blank Admin Account?

  1. Restart your computer. You must first reboot your computer to access the default blank administrator account.
  2. Hit F8 before it shows the OS logo screen appears. F5 does not work here as it is only designed for NT. After hitting F8 key, you will see boot options menu.
  3. Click “Start Windows in Safe Mode” option. The default blank administrator account is only accessible through Safe Mode environment.
  4. Follow the self-explanatory notes on your screen.
  5. Locate Administrator user icon. Once you have reached the “Welcome” screen, you can find the icon intended for admin user. This account does not have a secret code by default. Therefore, this method will only work if you have not changed the default settings of your computer.
  6. Log in as the admin in the Safe Mode
  7. Open command shell. You can go here by clicking on “Start” menu and “Run” and typing in “CMD.”
  8. Reset the secret code of the account you wish to access. It prompts you to type in a new secret code and retype it. After that, the system will start changing your code.
  9. Restart your computer and log in to the user account you wish to access.

These tricks are easy to follow when you forgot Windows XP password and you would like to reset it.

No Hassle Way To Reset Secret Code

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The tips and tricks mentioned above can be of great use if you forgot Windows XP password.

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